06 November 2007

mother hen

I love kitties. I got my first cat at some point early on in elementary school after begging my parents for days. I loved him so much I put him in dresses.
Now I have 2 kitties. Mustard's mom was a stray who had a litter of kittens by a friend's apartment in college. He was one of the last kittens left so he came home in my pocket one day and we've been together ever since. He's gone lots of places with me and is now a mama's boy because of it. Krunchy was My Heart's decision - he wanted a mini cat. The only thing I did insist on when going to the pound to look for a mini cat was that she be black and we name her Joe. Luckily when the little paw reached out from it's cage to pull My Heart in, it was black. Apparently that was good enough; we've been hooked ever since.
While Mustard is the sweet (sometimes too sweet) and snuggly love kitten who can never be close enough to his mom & dad, Krunchy is the cute, can get away with murder and still be loved to death kitten.
Mustard doesn't really do much with his time (he used to answer the phone). Krunchy however, plays fetch, plays chase the bug, plays in the blinds, plays stay away from mom & dad, plays let me cry until someone gets the feather toy down, plays no one can sleep when I'm not sleeping, plays time to eat anything inedible, plays I love botatoes, plays cave in the blankets, plays tackle Mustard... I think you get the point.

Funny how much I love these cats.

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