16 November 2007

and so I am not

I'm not going to lie. I. am. super. sensitive. I've been told I feel too much. I think it's a good thing. Others may not agree.
I have always been a little too motherly with my sisters. Whether we are getting along or not I just want to protect them.
I think I carry that feeling out into the world with me most days. I want to take care of people. I want them not to hurt. I know we are oftentimes unkind to one another. I want to be something kind for others to hold on to. When I can't be - I hurt.
Because of this I have an inner struggle going on right now. I am happy. Someone I know and love is not. And what's worse, there is no way for me to fix it or to really even help it.
Why do I have what I have when others are living with the pain of losing their everything?

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