21 November 2007

lady of the lake

So I apologize for being upset with my writer/striker friends yesterday.
Apparently, they all banded together and had this amazing rally in Hollywood. Needless to say, they were not starting their holiday early but in fact, they were kind of working even harder than your average striker. I'm so proud of them! I only wish I knew it was happening so that I could have shown my support. I could have walked Hollywood Boulevard yelling out, "HONK, HONK!" Then they would be able to put a face with my honk and know how much I actually do care. Maybe I could even have had a t-shirt that said "HONK, HONK" on it. Man, I really love those guys.
Although... again today they weren't at their usual corners in front of the studios I pass on my way to work. Let's just hope there's another rally somewhere.

Photo taken from the office of My Heart with his new iPhone!

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