20 November 2007

isn't heck a great word? so under appreciated

Every morning on my way to work I pass 2 studios. As we are in the second week of the writer's striker here in Los Angeles, there are always writers outside these studios. They have signs, many of them asking passers by to honk in suppport. Every morning on my way to work I pass 2 studios with writers picketing outside holding signs and I honk in support. This is one of my greatest joys.
Yesterday I was a little bit hurt because my honk while passing the first studio was not recognized by the writers - don't they know I'm supporting them!? Jerks. Don't they know that my honking in support is one my greatest joys? Luckily for me the day was not ruined, the next set of writers were as excited and appreciative as ever for my honk of support. What a good day.
Doesn't look like today is going to quite match up. THERE WERE NO WRITERS OUT TODAY!!! Do they think they can just start their holiday early!? What about the rest of us? We rely on them! What a sad, sad day. I miss my writers. HONK! HONK!

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