05 February 2010

just a quickie

I've got Friday Fever! I just wanna get out of this office and on with my weekend!

It's been a strange week over here. Work has been crazy busy and so has life it seems.

We went to this awesome Haiti benefit that Tenacious D and friends put on at the Wiltern on Tuesday. It was long but really a bunch of fun. Since it was on Tuesday, we went straight home and watched the season premiere of Lost which was 2 hours long. My Heart didn't want it to be spoiled so we had to watch it before going into work on Wednesday. It made for a VERY long Tuesday night!

Wednesday I had dinner with 2 of my favorite ladies in all of the world. It was such a great night, like it always is with them. But of course I was in bed past my bedtime that night too!

Yesterday was just sucky - I felt like I was coming down with a stomach flu or something. Got lots of rest.

And today is FRIDAY! I'm looking forward to a fun filled weekend of new furniture, puppies and Super Bowl parties. How about you?

We bought a new dining room table! Now we just need some chairs. I'm thinking along the lines of something like a Parsons chair in apple green. These came up on my search but I'm not sure if I'm loving them:

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Anonymous said...

Love the chairs:)