07 February 2010

enter if you dare, keg's out back

I know this post is months too late but that's what happens when you go on hiatus. Just appreciate the fact that I'm actually writing again alright!?

I don't know if it has always been the case, but I think that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I'm pretty sure I've blogged that before. I remember posting my smurf costume from the early eighties... one of the greatest costumes ever to exist! If memory serves right, my parents always went all out for us when it came to Halloween costumes. And of course my co-pilot loves Halloween even more than I do! So it was no surprise when he suggested that our first major party in the new house be a giant Halloween bash.

I personally think we went all out! With a pretty big budget spent mainly on decorations, there was also plenty of food, a full bar and a keg. Our theme was Haunted Hill Asylum, from the minute you walked up to our house and throughout every room, even out in the backyard. Unfortunately, I am constantly hosting so I didn't take any photographs of the party itself. My Heart did snap some great shots of what the house looked like pre-guests (including the 2 doctors and the one mental patient! link to those after the photos), but what's missing are shots of some of the key details; the entrance to the house and the operating table for example. Here's a peak...

Upstairs, food and lounge area

Insane Clown Doctor (he ended up in pieces at the end of the night)

Downstairs, the Meat Shop


The Cemetery

Let me tell you, this took months to plan and weeks to decorate. I hated being in the house all alone with some of these creepy guys! To check out ALL the photos that My Heart took follow this link to our Mobile Me Gallery.

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