15 February 2010

counting down to up

The weekend of Love, the day of Leadership. But really, today marks something more important... a birthday of 2 amazingly special people. My sisters. And so...

To the 2 cut from the cloth that encases the heart of 3,

It hasn't always been easy but we fight. We fight with each other and we fight for each other. C'est la vie! I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Thank you for teaching me to let go all the while holding on for dear life. We are such different people but we share so much of the sameness . I now embrace those differences because of how much I have learned from them. I know that hasn't always been the case and I appreciate that you two don't hold it against me! But I hold dearly that we are one, in a way no one else can take from us.

You are artist and free in contrast to my type A overly organized persona. You are peaceful and still when I am overly dramatic. You are beyond smart. You are genius. You make me laugh. You make me cry. You are me and you are not me. You are my sisters.

I hope that as we grow older and wiser we will continue to grow closer. I cherish every moment I get to spend with both of you. I promise to make a continuous effort to be in your life, to be someone you can turn to, to be the sister you can love.

Enjoy this year, just the 2 of you because I'll be waiting in the decade of 3 next. I love you M & M with all my heart and I hope you know how much that truly is.



Minn said...

Thanks for such a sweet little post, Sis! I truly miss you and wish we could celebrate these things together more often. I'm also grateful we are getting closer as we grow older, even though we are so far away. You will always be a sister I can love. Always.

Thanks, again, for your kind words! I love you so much! ♥ ♥ ♥

misa said...

That is very sweet of you Cheley!
We did have a nice birthday this year. I am also looking forward to the 3's!

There is much distance between us, but I'm glad we have channeled these connections to one another.

Thank you for your kind words!
Mayhaps you'll be visitin' the ol' Kansas ranchland this spring before the cows come on? Or in the fall when they be gone!

I love you and I'm honored to call you my sister. :)

Matilda said...

The three of you are cutest sisters ever! I love you.