10 February 2010

dressing the part

I'm all in pieces but I'm so put together. It's been a rough 24 hours or so. As I'm going to put it, I got "shamed" in front of a room full of people yesterday. It was completely inappropriate, rude and childish as far as I am concerned. It was by a superior. And so I fought back just to the point of appropriate. But the attack, it was uncalled for. It made everyone around me cringe with the uncomfortable and awkward silence of just plain wrong. Of course, the girl in me welled up with tears once my accuser left the room. I hate that reaction. So unprofessional. But I held it together enough to finish my meeting and walk out of there with a mere spec of dignity still in tact.
Afterward, some avoided me but most banded around me. It was reassuring for it silenced the squeak of doubt creeping in. Am I good enough? Did I drop the ball? What am I doing!? I know that I am good at what I do. I am reminded often of that. Yesterday was no exception. And so today, I dressed up and came in ready to conquer the world. I feel great. I am great. Sure, there are problems but nothing I created and nothing I can fix on my own. I will be a part of the solution and do what I can to make this a better environment for those I work with but then again, I kinda always do that.

And so I want to know, Where kind I find these absolutely fab shoes ...Love Maegan has on in today's post!? Those will definitely help me dress the part. XOXO

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