04 February 2010

how sweet the sound

Things have been so busy again at werk that I haven't had a chance to check the usual suspects (my blog love). So yesterday was a bit of catching up. And while I am almost always in love with his photographs, this week The Sartorialist had me loving his writing:

A Graceful Man, A Gentleman

Thanks everyone for all your great suggestions on books about modern manners. I can't wait to get a few and brush up on a few things before my next big dinner party.

For me, this is blogging at it's best. Being able to create a community of individuals that share information and ideas that can make the community as a whole a better place. Thank you.

One of the things I mentioned yesterday, was the "manner" of a person. "Manner" or "grace" is not something that you can learn from a book. Unfortunately, it is something you just have to be or to develop.

A great scene of modern grace on '30 Rock' the other day:

Liz and Jack went out to dinner at a very chic restaurant. As they sat down at the table, Jack immediately moved the candle from the center of the setting to the side of the table. Liz looked at him kinda funny, not understanding why he did that but, not really caring either. Later, however, when Liz reached across the table to steal some of Jack's food (as she always does), she realized he moved the candle so her sleeve wouldn't catch fire when she reached across the table. Jack's manner and grace were so attuned to her as a friend, that he knew her moves before she did. That tiny gesture ended up becoming the pivotal moment of the episode and changed the course of their business relationship.

I'm telling you guys again, women notice the small stuff. They notice the gentleness/gentlemenliness more than if you use the right fork at dinner. I'm a very lucky man, Garance notices every little kindness I offer her, she doesn't miss a thing. Knowing that makes it so much more rewarding to do even more little things for her. I'll be honest, my biggest obsession in life right now is not better shoes, more suits or a bigger career but, to simply be a more graceful man for my graceful woman.

So women, in the spirit of grace, manner and Valentine's Day, take a moment and share with us men some of the little kindnesses that your man has done for you that made your heart flutter. Us men might learn something and you might gain an even more graceful man, a gentleman.

Editor's Note: For my gay readers, I can only write this as I know it, a man loving a woman. Don't let this keep you from joining the conversation. If you have tiny acts of kindness from a boyfriend to a boyfriend, or girlfriend to a girlfriend, please share with us!
Grace is Grace.
It doesn't matter who you're lovin', it's how you're lovin'!

And so it is, I will share with you My Heart's most recent act of grace..

We have been eating healthy, counting calories and working out as a team the past couple of weeks. More for my benefit than his but all around a good thing (and an act of grace in itself).

This past weekend My Heart's parents were in town and we knew we would be too busy to work out and probably going out to eat for almost every meal. My goal going into the weekend was to avoid temptation and mainly focus on portion control.

I thought I had done okay until Monday when I got an email from My Heart and then I knew I had done okay. He not only told me how proud he was of me, how much he loved me and how fun the weekend had been but he specifically pointed out what a great job I did abstaining from bad foods and what great willpower I showed with my portions. Ending the email with, "Great job with everything and thanks for picking me as your co-pilot."

It was so nice to not only feel appreciated but to be recognized for working hard at something. And of course his sweet way of telling me made my heart well with so much love for him.

Sorry My Heart, if this was too much information to share with a public audience but I want you to feel recognized for your amazing grace as my co-pilot. I love you.


Deb said...

sniff...sniff...where's the kleenex?! That was beautiful! I'm so happy that you each have your co-pilot....my heart swells with happiness.

Keep up the good work Chelle.
I love you,

Matilda said...

Isn't it great to have just the perfect co-pilot?!
Sending love across the ocean to you both.