16 March 2009

stuck in the middle with you

So sadly, I did not win the Great Twitter Race. I'm quite disappointed but glad I participated none the less. So next I focus on Team Bear Attack's victory at the Great Urban Race Los Angeles this coming Saturday. In order to help gear up a group of us did a mini pub crawl using public transit this past Saturday. And other than the fight I had with My Heart (which does not bode well for race day I'm afraid) we had a blast riding the bus and trains all over downtown and even into Hollywood.

And for those of you who may be concerned, we are over it but it's bound to happen again. You know how couples can be. The unknown causing friction mixed in with impatience and a lack of trust with myself cost us a $40 cab ride home. At least we got home right?

Additional photos from the evening can be found here. Many thanks to Friend S for organizing the entire thing (hope your back is feeling better!). XOXO

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