03 March 2009

put up the tent

We are officially in escrow but I'm not sure how much that means at this point. It's a short sale so even though we have agreed upon a price with the seller, it's lower than what they still owe the bank so we have to wait for the bank to say ok to the whole deal and call it even. They've given us a verbal "we are leaning toward a yes" but without anything in writing it doesn't mean much. The thing about this house is that it really is an oasis in the city. I can imagine living there. Not that I couldn't imagine living in about half the houses we've seen. So we wait and wait and wait... hopefully for this.


Matilda said...

Fingers Crossed... keep us posted. We hope it's yours!
Sendng love across the ocean.

nicknkaz said...

How lovely ..all the best to both of you. What a view I bet! Good luck xox Kaz and Nick