30 March 2009

pink ribbon with white hearts

What happens when you've learned nothing but to run from your feelings? Eventually you may start eating them, or starving them or covering them up with cuts or drugs. Me, I've run the gamut having never really learned how to communicate. Even now, in love with a communicator, I struggle.

Getting serious with this communicator at least opened my eyes to my ways, my anger and my running. My Heart had to teach me that this is not normal. People actually talk about things to solve problems. It's been a hard lesson to learn but I'm making progress.

So I find it difficult that I still have a family of non-communicators. We just don't talk about things. Sometimes we try but there tends to be a point were someone gets angry and runs away. It's happened to me twice recently and I just go with it. I'm not going to be even more confrontational to make them talk but I just wish we knew how to deal with it, with each other!

Apparently people work better together when they're on the same team. So I strive for that with My Heart. We are teammates first and foremost. We are not out to get one another. We are not trying to be hurtful. Let's talk openly and honestly. Don't run from the truth. You can be angry with me but tell me why and all I ask in return is for you to listen.

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jane said...

I like this. I also come from a family like this. Best advice I ever got was to stick with people who are on my team, open up to them, they will listen.
Well written.