03 March 2009

some sort of pop phenom

Also, this just in... I've never watched American Idol before this guy but he's great and it's so much fun to feel personally vested in something like this - he's the son of the head honcho at Aspect Ratio :-)

Hi Everyone,

Tonight we finally get to vote for Alex!!! All of you need to watch the show tonight (Fox, 8/7c) and VOTE. Please vote as many times as you can, not just once. It's sooooo important. Alex is going to be amazing tonight, obviously, but he won't make it to the top 12 unless everyone votes for him A LOT.
Apparently, if you're calling from a cell phone to vote you can only vote during the voting time in the time zone of your phone number. This is from the American Idol website, and explains:

"If you are calling or text voting from a cell phone and you are in a different time zone from your cell phone number, the systems will accept or reject your vote based on the time zone of your cell phone area code. For example, if you have a New York cell phone area code but are calling from
Los Angeles, you will be voting outside the East Coast voting window and your vote will not be accepted. Try calling again from a landline telephone during the West Coast voting window."

So make sure when you call to vote it's the appropriate time in the time zone of your area code. or just call from a land-line.


The Alex Wagner-Trugman Fan Club

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enteryourvote.com said...

When it comes to American Idol the time zone does make a difference, but not all text voting has to be that way.
At enteryourvote.com, we have hosted many votes nationwide that has the voting on going for weeks at a time.
With such a big show like American Idol, they need to get results quickly, so putting a time limit for them is important.