26 January 2009

like moss on brick

Starting tonight My Heart and I no longer watch TV on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights. We found that TV was making us lazy in life and in love. I know by nature we are both easily sucked into the mindless entertainment of television. It's so easy to come home every night after a long day's work and just sit and "relax" in front of the box. We don't talk about shows or further explore topics we find interesting on the TV even though we both enjoy educational fare. It's sad really, how much time we find lost to this past time. So starting today we are taking a stand in order to save ourselves from this shallow existence. 3 days a week with absolutely no TV. We used to do no TV Tuesdays and Thursdays but forgot about it along the way. And before that we had dinner date night on Wednesdays with no TV watching allowed but that too went by the wayside. I hope this one sticks. We need to make this one stick. Life is too short to worry about what episodes you missed (and there are DVRs these days anyway). Maybe now I'll finally start tackling that to do list I've been writing about. Knitting party anyone?


Matilda said...

I am inspired to do something similar... I think I watch way too much telly and PJ spends way too much time on the computer. We need a regular night for us!
Thank you for the inspiration.

Daniel Vasey said...

But how will you know what happens on Gossip Girl or Lost? I guess you can watch them in webisode format the day after like me. :)

the girL said...

I was initially SUPER sad about missing Gossip Girl on Mondays but I'll just watch it at werk or wait until Thursday to watch on the DVR. I figure, My Heart is more important than GG (was that a collective gasp I just heard!?).