05 January 2009


Alright, let's get to it kids! 2009 is upon us and I am ready to get back on track. So I've been thinking about some of this for a couple of weeks now and I know we're done looking back but I'm still gonna go there.


Why I heart 2008:
  1. My introduction to the fine music of Sigur Ros
  2. P.E. Obama
  3. All things twilight
  4. Blogging for an entire year
  5. Captain Little Bear coming into our lives
  6. My Heart's amazing Christmas gifts
  7. Turning 30 in the land down under
  8. My new Kate Spade bag
  9. The new connection I've made with my girlfriends
  10. Aspect Ratio

Why I think I'm going to heart 2009:
  1. A new house on the horizon
  2. President Obama
  3. Baby AE
  4. The next Harry Potter film
  5. Aspect Ratio
  6. Continued expansion of the green revolution
  7. Donna Karan's Spring 2009 ready-to-wear collection, especially the jumpsuit
  8. My girls!
  9. Planning a trip maybe to Paris or NYC
  10. The Great Urban Race (GO TEAM BEAR ATTACK!)

1 comment:

High Trek Adventure said...

Hi the girL,

You should add one my thing why you heart '09...that would be High Trek Adventure (www.hightrekadventure.com).

I heart '09 because of Obama and the green revolution too.