06 January 2009

in between now and ice

Last winter every cold night when My Heart and I climbed into bed he would say something about how freezing the bed was and that we really needed to get some winter sheets. And though I agreed with him I never did anything to change it. I kind of always found winter sheets to be tacky cabin looking flannel. I like what we have on the bed now even if it is like climbing into a block of ice. Well, freeze no more my friends! Thanks to Petunia Face we will soon have a sweet ass TaunTaun of our own to sleep in.
I ordered the pear colored microfiber fleece sheet set from The Company Store and it looks amazing! I can't wait to slip between these teddy bear sheets and cuddle off into dream land. And don't think I'm going to keep that popsicle of a comforter cover to accompany these new sheets. Instead I'm going with the Stanton Stripe flannel cover to not only keep us warm but to coordinate nicely with the pear color of our new sheets and the existing colors of our bedroom.
Get ready honey - no more sweatshirts and long pants to bed!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait!!!!

Daniel Vasey said...

hmmm...I'm not sure I can get into the idea of sleeping in polyester sheets. I'll expect a full report once they have been slept in...;)

Matilda said...

I think those are the sheets that Auntie Deen had on the bed in her cold house. We loved the sheets... we loved the cold house.

the girL said...

what do you mean the cold house?
and what do you mean loved?
is she in a new house now?

Matilda said...

Yes, didn't you know that Auntie Deen bought a cute little two bedroom adobe house in Silver City. It doesn't have central heating... only a pellet stove and little plug in heaters. It's house that really suits her.

the girL said...

Oh, yes I knew that... thought that maybe she had already left the cold house the way you put it. I love the cold house too!