16 January 2009

the days when this was fun

Have you ever had a Michelada? Mmm, good summer weather long walk in Hollywood drink.

Was going to go to the Thai place up the street for lunch today, just me and my book, but when I got there they had a giant C on their window. For those of you not familiar with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health ratings let me just tell you a C is not good. When visiting, stick to the A's unless you absolutely have to go to a B but under no circumstance should you venture in to a C. Trust me, those stomach gurgles will turn into worse.

So I just kept walking. Wandering. Wondering. Called My Heart. No Answer. Phone Rings. My Heart. That's where the Michelada comes in. Joined him and some of the old crew at one of their local hang outs which was a lot closer to walk to than I thought. I guess I can't always complain about the perfectly sunny weather here because it was a beautiful day for such a walk and Hollywood is really becoming a more interesting and less scary place to use the old chevro-legs (my sister shared that awesome term with me and i thought it so clever i needed to instert it into this blog).

So this weekend is off to a slight buzz of a start.
Tomorrow I get the old hair did.
Then we meet with our new realtor to go look at houses!
That means you all better start planning your trips to LA because soon you'll have a place to stay.
Then Sunday is Friend R's birthday party.
So much fun packed into 3 days.
I better go get it started


Summer said...

Yay for house hunting!!! Good luck!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Matilda said...

Hello Niece that I love, Hope all is well... house hunting! How exciting! How exhausting! Don't be too tired that you choose just anything... stop looking and rest if you are too tired (house hunting can be exhausting) then start again. Best wishes...I know you and Matt will find just the right place!