02 January 2008


I'm home.
It feels good and it's time to get back to my old/new self again.
San Francisco was amazing minus the cold (my cold that is - not the weather, it was perfect until the day we left).
Chicago was relaxing minus the cough (that still hasn't completly gone away).
I was nervous about my first day back to work in over 2 weeks but it's just as comfortable as the day I left (if not more so now that I have some of my own stuff in my new office).
Got a lot of fun stuff for Christmas.
Gave some fun stuff for Christmas.
Couldn't stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve.
The little black one is having minor surgery on his foot today.
My Heart is still on leave from his job.
I'm about to beat Zelda on the DS.
And that's life in a nutshell for now.

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