22 January 2008

long lost hero

Today I realized that everything is OK. That is, in it's own time.
I've gotten myself worked up over a lot of things and usually it has to do with the impression I feel I've made with others. I can come off rude because I have social anxiety but I can also come across as annoying because I love to talk. Sounds like a contradiction I know. Trust me, they're both true. In the end, more times than not, it all works out swimmingly and I've gotten all caught up in the what ifs for nothing.
Sometimes I get worried about what I may have done in the past - I haven't always made the best decisions. I have learned to live with them and I try not to regret anything (at least not too much) because it has all led up to this. And this my friends is AMAZING. Granted, I've worked hard to get where I am today but I really couldn't have asked for more. So no, I wouldn't change a thing even if I may not own up to it all today!
I would however, like to say I'm sorry for those I have been hurtful, impatient, rude and down right mean to. I am a good person and I want to be thought of as kind and caring with a great personality and a winning smile - and someone who you can go out and have fun with. Cheesy. I can't help it. That's me.
And I know, I shouldn't worry so much about what other people thing. I would like to say it's only the people I either care about or think I may care about one day.

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