09 January 2008

plastic covered couch

My great grandmother is 101 years old. When asked what she wanted for her most recent birthday she replied, "not to have another one."

She's more alert and active than you would expect for her age. She reads and watches TV to pass the time. She loves baseball and will carry on a pretty decent conversation with any enthusiast no matter where their allegiance lies (hers is with the Yankees as is our entire family). She lived with my grandpa, her son, and a cat named Bher that rode around the house on her walker until recently. They (not that I really know who they are - Bher and my grandpa?) moved her to a hospital a little while back. Said (they again) she was excited to go because her sister was there. I didn't even know she had a sister, let alone one that is still alive. I wonder if this hospital is an actual hospital or if it's a nursing home? I never thought about that until now...

My whole life she's been old but oddly enough, it doesn't seem like she's getting older. At least not to me but obviously it's a different story for her.

She was supposed to go into surgery this week. For something minor none the less it's surgery on a 101 year old body. The doctors say she has a strong heart though and should be fine.
They've postponed it until next week because the hospital wasn't prepared. What is that supposed to mean? How can a hospital not be ready? And if a hospital is not ready do you really want them to do surgery on you?

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