11 January 2008

hop on pop

My back is killing me. It may be because I've been sitting at my desk at work all week instead of running around. I need a new chair. Is that something I can ask my company to buy me? I want one of those really nice ones. I think I'll ask at the next meeting. Other people here have them, why shouldn't I? I did buy myself a really cute little foot rest. It's a suede cube that can store things in it. It's a beige-ish color that kind of matches my couch. I also bought some pillows and a little throw for my couch. My office needed color (other than the yellow of the walls - which I hope to get painted some day). Now I just need a couple of more personal touches to add to the photographs and candles and it will be all mine. Should I bring the bobble head collection in? I'd need shelves for that. And it's kind of tacky. But fun. I don't know.
But I digress.
My Heart has been seeing a chiropractor lately. Maybe that's what I need to do. I wonder if my insurance covers that...

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