17 January 2008

night of the living?

Last night, on my way home from the grocery store after work, the street and traffic lights were out in a portion of my neighborhood. Come to find out the power was out for a couple of blocks around my house, including my house. Luckily, we all have cell phones these days. So I pull out my cell phone to use the light from it to get in the front door and walk up the stairs (leaving my grocery bags at the base for later - putting my own safety above that of the food).
So once I was safely in the house I went around and lit every candle I could find. It was awesome. The warm glow coming from every room made it easy to navigate wherever I needed to go but it was also really calming.
I did use a flashlight to go back downstairs and check the mail. While down there I thought I would open the front door and take in the dark surroundings. It felt as if zombies were going to attack at any moment. I noticed a girl parked in her car in front of the house who was also using her cell phone for light.
A few minutes after I had gone back upstairs our intercom call box from the front door made a sound as if someone had pushed the button from outside. I was terrified. The zombies had come. Then I thought maybe the girl from the car needed some help. I pushed the button back and said hello a couple of times. No answer. Things were getting scary.
That is until I realized the intercom made the noise because the power was back on.

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