21 January 2010

we sleep in a pile


That feeling of energetic angst. Wanting to be noticed while you're hiding in your secret cave. Running around seemingly carefree until the dreaded return to reality. Remember what it's like to be 10?

Let the wild rumpus start!

I loved the movie by the way, Where The Wild Things Are. I had a very emotional reaction to it. I know people thought it was slow and too dark for children but since I have no children I'm not so concerned with how dark it was and I didn't find it slow. It reminded me the pain of growing up. It reminded me the joy of being a kid. It was whimsical and fun but really exposed the raw emotions of being human, especially through the characters of the wild things.

I cried. A lot.

And so when I saw this in Urban Outfitters I fell in love. My Heart and I picked it up and will probably hang it in our bedroom (eventually).

Is that appropriate for a 30 something couple with no kids to do?

What about this?

(Found courtesy of Blog - This Next)