29 January 2010

gashlycrumb tinies

These are my maternal grandparents. How cute are they!? My sister posted these on FB and the family has been re-posting them. There have been comments about how so and so looks like Grandma or this cousin looks like Grandpa. I have been neither so and so nor this cousin. I do not resemble my mother's side of the family. That kind of makes me feel left out. My younger sisters are twins so they've got that going for them. But they also look like Grandma. As does my Mom. And they all 3 share a middle name. I am the green kangaroo. I am different. I suppose that is good but it is also sad.

I am not feeling sorry for myself. I like who I am. I am my father's daughter through and through. His mother was a beautiful piano player and his father is endlessly caring. They are beautiful, my father's side, and I too feel beautiful on days because I am one of them.

Don't really know where this post is going but it came from this sweet picture of the cutest 2 kids who met, fell in love and created a life without which I would not exist. So I guess I'll end it there.


Minn said...

They're all over the internet! A web sensation!

I will get my hands on fotos of our father's side.

Matilda said...

You and I may not look alike, but I think we are very similar in a lot of ways.
I love you.
Aunt M