22 January 2010

the spiral climbs up

We all look at the world a little differently I suppose. Kinda like when I used to look in the mirror and see fat but would then see a photo of myself and realize I wasn't in comparison to most (funny how now it's the opposite).

In the past vacation has either meant going to see the family or venturing off to a place exciting and unknown. Then we got old. Don't get me wrong, I love vacation as much as the next guy but you know what I really value in a vacation that never used to even cross my mind? Relaxation.

Last year during a Labor Day weekend getaway I learned how important true relaxation is to the soul. We rented a house in Northern California in a little known place called Irish Beach. It was just us, Friends S & B and our dogs. Perfect. Little cell phone reception, no internet, no cable TV and barely a town to speak of.

We ate cheese and drank wine

We laughed and carried on.

(if you look closely you will see that The Captain is sticking out his tongue!)

We soaked in the hot tub and we strolled the beach.

We read books and sought out space to sit and be with ourselves.

The peace and quiet, the breath taking beauty seeped in and we began to relax.

It's amazing the power of the ocean, really it's mother nature in general.Something greater than all of us like a stoic grandmother hard as nails hugging you to her breast. Embrace her, let her into your life and she really can tame the beast.

A few links from our trip:

Irish Beach

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Anonymous said...


Summer said...

Most. Awesome. Trip. EVER. xoxox

Matilda said...

Those are my kind of holidays!
I love my time in NM but it's not a holiday. I think next time I will join Uncle Peter in London.