25 January 2010

melted ice caps


That's the sound I make whenever someone mentions Ticketmaster.

Last year we bought tickets to see a revival of PeeWee's Playhouse on stage at a small venue here in LA. It was a very limited engagement and a very intimate location. Then we got an email from the evil that is Ticketmaster saying they were changing dates and venue. We were supposed to be able to call a phone number at a certain time on a certain date to exchange our tickets. Of course that was a fiasco and I was so angry that I ended up just getting a refund instead.

Cut to 3 months later when the show is now running and everyone I know is going to see it. They're loving it but at this point I'm still too angry to care.

Then my friend JC IMs me that if you exchanged your tickets from the old show you get to have a meet and greet with PeeWee after the new show. Anger level rises.

Then PeeWee posts a video of part of the show on his facebook page.

I'm still angry but now I'm feeling a tinge of regret.

And then PeeWee shows up on Conan:

That was when I set my anger aside. I gave in and immediately started looking for tickets. I was able to secure 5th row center for last Friday night's show. And it was totally worth it.

I felt like a kid again, couldn't stop smiling and laughing. Everyone really did a great job. Everything you remember from the original show and more. It was so much fun and really very lively, keeping the audience tuned in the entire time. The set was spot on and so was Paul Reubens. I could have cried it was so perfect.

I only wish that I had originally done the exchange so we could have gone to the meet and greet afterward. But what really do I have to ask PeeWee Herman? So all is forgiven. At least as far as PeeWee is concerned. Ticketmaster, now that is a different story.


Sarah's Fab Day said...

I would die to go to this. I LOVED Pee Wee's Playhouse. Remember the little girl Penny with pennies for eyes? Loved her too. My parents bought me a Life magazine with him on the cover because I loved him so much. And I was oldish too. Ah memories.

the girL said...

i loved Pee Wee's Playhouse too but i loved, loved Penny!!! The King of Cartoons was part of the show and he showed a very funny cartoon but sadly it wasn't Penny :-(