03 November 2008

worm-like snail with no shell

Two things from this weekend...

This girl dressed as Cindy McCain at the Halloween party on Friday night organized ordering pizza. This was around midnight when everyone was sufficiently drunk and hungry. She went around asking those who wanted in on this treat for a dollar towards the cost. I ran to the car to get my last $3 - one for me, one for My Heart and one for Friend R (who's pregnant I might add!). Cut to about 45 minutes later when I start getting antsy and wondering where the pizza is. Turns out it had arrived and was all gone. Stupid Cindy McCain only ordered 3 TINY pizzas for the ENTIRE party! I was pissed. People who don't know how to organize things shouldn't be put in charge of the pizza ordering.

I spent yesterday shopping. I had a couple of returns at H&M so I decided to see if I could spend that money else where. When I got home My Heart and I continued the day of shopping at the grocery store. We went to Trader Joes as usual but decided to pick up a couple of additional items at the Ralphs across the street. This used to be a routine but we've since stopped going to Ralphs as often so it's been a while since I've been over there. They had this sign out front that said Grand Opening which confused me because they never closed. Well, walking in was grand indeed. The Ralphs had been remodeled so beautifully I couldn't get enough. It's very gourmet feeling now and I love it! Who knew I could get so excited over a grocery store's look? The only bad part was getting blood on my hands when handling the meat - blagh!

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Matilda said...

I agree, if you can't organise properly then don't... leave it for someone who can!
I LOVE gourmet stuff... a whole gourmet grocery store? I might even do the shopping if we had such a nice grocery store here!

Sending love across the ocean.