15 November 2008

hint hint santa claus

I heart jewelery. What girl doesn't? Actually, this is new for me. I only started wearing bolder pieces about a year ago when I started my new job and decided that I could have an all new style persona here without judgment. So I went from converse to heels and diamond studs in my ears to bold stones around my neck. It's fun. I wouldn't mind getting something new from someone I loved either - wink, wink.

I know this is a bit out of anyone's price range but I love all things John Hardy, especially this necklace.

This necklace by Maison Martin Margiela is slightly more of a realistic hope (and there's a matching ring to it). I think it's such a cute design.

Right now I'm also really in love with this new chocolate diamond trend introduced by Le Vian. Some of my favorites are this cuff, pendant and ring.

One of the first things I bought myself when I started receiving a grown up paycheck was the circle Atlas pendant from the Tiffany's collection. I'm not a huge Tiffany's girl but I do love the Atlas designs. My Heart added to my collection one of the rings shortly after we started dating. I'd love one of the cube pieces to be the next addition. Particularly these little stud earrings.

But the piece I've been coveting the most for the past 5 years or so will probably never be mine... oh, how I adore it. The Tiffany's Spider Web Cuff.

(Isn't it amazing?)

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Matilda said...

Love your taste in jewelry! That spider webb cuff is gorgeous! and I don't even like spiders!