03 December 2007

29 months later

Today is the first day I am alone at my new job. I mean, there are other people here just not anyone who does what I do. There is not much going on so I am not worried. Even if there was a lot going on, I've done this before and I'm good at doing this so I would still not be worried. I am a bit lonely though.
I asked My Heart to join me for lunch but unfortunately he was busy today. So I walked my lonely self up the street for some me on me time. I had a quick bite and then went to the book store where I bought a book and a coffee and spent most my lunch break consumed by this new adventure. As I walked back to the office, I realized that this is home now and I've never felt more comfortable going to work.
Everyone keeps asking me when I'm going to move into the real office, the one that was previously occupied by the other me. I don't feel right swooping in and taking over that office so soon. Yes, she was freelance and I am now permanent. Yes, it is a better chair and more private... but still. I've made the space I'm in my own. I'm comfortable being here. I don't need to be sitting in there to prove my place at this company. Eventually, but not today.

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