06 December 2007

schnitzel with noodles

This year, as in years past, most of our Christmas shopping will be done online. It's just easier when my family is in Colorado and his is in Chicago. Even though we go to one place or the other for the holiday, checking bags sucks so the less we take with us the better.
Now my dilemma - what to get for people!? I hate this. What do you get the person who has everything? How do you surprise someone when you have to ask them what they want? How do you make the gifts meaningful yet not seem cheap? I know it's the thought that counts but I've been thinking enough the past week to be set for about 10 years to come and yet I still have nothing. I love the idea of donating in people's names to organizations like Heifer International but not everyone appreciates that. Oh, some say they don't care but if it were the perfect gift then they would care! AAHHH, the perfect gift does NOT exist! I should have started this in August like the good obsessive compulsive I am...

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