24 March 2010

reigning flowers

When I'm not 100% my best and I just want to crawl back into bed and let the day pass, I know there are 2 things I can pull out of the closet to make me feel better... shoes and a handbag! Recently I've been playing it safe by wearing ballet flats more often than not so I was thinking I might be in the market for a pair of wedge sandals for the impending days of sunshine. I'm also thinking a wonderful flower tote ala the past couple of Valentino Spring collections would be an amazing addition. What do you think?

(click on the image to be taken to the Valentino Spring 2010 accessories page)

Unfortunately all these gorgeous totes are a bit out of my price range. So I'm thinking of a compromise. How about the beautiful petal design in a more budget friendly clutch instead?

(click on the image to be taken to Nine West where you can purchase this clutch)

Funny how my pictures of the big bags are so small and the picture of the little bag is so large!

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Matilda said...

I love the clutch! The others of course are gorgeous too!