18 March 2010

bare legs and all

I stopped the meds and today I let the sun in. Work has been busy but for some reason the mornings/lunch time are fairly peaceful. I haven't taken the chance of going out to lunch just in case of a dragon sized problem. But today was different...

I last took a pill on Sunday. Sunday I watched about 15 hours of television only getting out of the house to go pick up tacos and frozen yogurt for dinner. It was an awful waste of a day and was not my intention at all.

Monday I didn't take a pill.

Tuesday I didn't take a pill even after a minor break down at the end of the day.

Wednesday I still didn't take a pill and I got up before work with enough time to eat breakfast, take the dog out, take a very short run and FULLY get ready for work and still arrive at the office by 9:30am. This is the first time in 2 and 1/2 weeks this has happened. I kept pushing my sleep time later and later until I was rising with mere minutes to get ready and out the door and to the office by 10am. And that energy lasted all day.

This morning I am 3 days in without a pill. I made egg whites & turkey bacon for breakfast. I ran for 25 minutes. I shaved my legs before showering and then put on a skirt for work. I was in the office by 9:45 (there was some needed dilly dallying with My Heart that delayed me!). For lunch I walked to get a sandwich and ate it in the sun while reading a book.

Goodbye Winter. I loved you and I will miss you. Welcome Spring! This year I will not see you as impending doom but instead I will give you a hug.



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Minn said...

I'm happy you're doing better without pills. Yay nutritious breakfast, exercise and sun!

Minna loves you. ♥

Matilda said...

Natural Vitamin D... yay! But don't forget the sunscreen.