12 February 2008

i'm trippin'

This weekend I'm going up to Tahoe with some friends. I guess it's kind of turned into an annual trip. Last year there were 8 of us and this year there will be 9.
We've rented this really great cabin on the North side. The majority of us will drive up on Friday while a few will fly in to Reno and have to be picked up. Half will leave on Monday and the other half on Tuesday.
Last year we had a blast. Two days on the slopes, one day exploring our surroundings, lots of games and maybe the most amazing home made steak dinner.
Problem is, I may have to work. UGH!!!
There is just so much going on and my new assistant is good but not that good. I'm annoyed that I can't just take a scheduled day off work like a normal person. I guess that's the price I pay.
Usually it wouldn't bother me but I'm really excited about this trip. I got a new snowboard and bindings and boots during the off season. This will be my first chance to try them out. Not that I'm good at snowboarding AT ALL but at least I try. Plus just being on vacation for 5 days with a big group of friends up in the mountains is so great.
Oh well, even if I do have to work on Friday I'll try to leave as early as possible and still drive up that night. All is not ruined, I just need to keep a positive attitude about it all - besides, My Heart will be with me :-).
Good news is there aren't any HD finishes on schedule... yet.

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