15 February 2008

long way round

We made it... finally.
I did not have to go in to work today.
I would like to thank my co-workers for their gracious generosity and our clients for sending no additional information in time for me to postpone my departure.
Oh, and I would like to also thank my new blackberry pearl for enabling me to be in touch not only via email but also IM with my new coordinator (and the rest of the company but he's really the only one that matters). It worked out perfectly.
We did however, get lost on the drive here. My fault I think. It was confusing around the Sacramento area and I didn't pay close enough attention to the signs. But of course My Heart and I worked it out and took a scenic route detour through the mountain towns of Northern California all the while maintaining a positive attitude and working as a team.
So, 2 hours later than we should have, we arrived at Idlewood Lakeview.
It's an amazingly beautiful cabin and does not disappoint by calling itself a "Luxury Rental." We also had a group of friends here to greet us with pizza and alcohol.
Already into the vibe of the weekend I'm 2 glasses in and we're gaming away. I love Tahoe.

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