30 October 2007

down to the knitty gritty

It’s been almost a year since I left my job, no actually, my career behind for a fresh start.
Looking to explore my creative side, to be free from the confines of the day-to-day grind, I vowed to take at least 6 months to myself. Something I had never really experienced working steadily since I was 15.
Those dreams of voice over classes, days filled with knitting, photography and tai chi never realized because instead I was too busy taking care of dogs and sick people. I can’t seem to slow down.
Now I’m back, back in my old finishing shoes… but should I be?
I vowed to keep perspective on life and make time for things I enjoy that I may have been neglecting in the past. But one month later and I feel like I’m in that same rut as before – life is too busy for the little things when you’ve got a 9 to 5 and when I say 9 to 5 I mean 9 to at least 7 or whenever the work is actually done which can often go late into the night.
I do love that I am respected in my profession for the way I do the job that I do. I do love that I am good at something that not everyone can be good at. And I do love seeing that paycheck every week.
Maybe My Heart is right, we just need to set some goals to help us get back on track.
GOAL #1 – Clean our home so that it feels like home again and have a healthy, fresh start (I know, responsible and boring of me but it's in my genes - blame my mother).

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