24 October 2007

and so it begins...

Ok, this sounds stupid just thinking it and will be even stupider once I actually write it... I have butterflies right now. From writing a blog. I've thought about writing a blog of my own but figured I wasn't the type. Putting yourself out there for anyone to see, to judge? No thank you, I'd rather keep to myself - I'd rather be safe.
Lately, I've been consumed by other's blogs. Family, friends, even a stranger… especially a stranger. Everyday clicking through those bookmarks to see what's new. Thrilled to soak in the simple details of people living life. Oftentimes going back to re-read - to experience that feeling again. Disappointed when there is nothing but sure if I check back later there will be a fix.
I figured the next step in my addiction would be to try it for myself. So here I am. Not quite sure what to do now that I'm here. Maybe I'll think of something? Maybe I'll drop the idea all together and go back to the silent participation? Besides, who is going to even read this? I guess that's where the butterflies come in. Scared that it will be actual people, terrified that it will be only cats.

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