14 September 2010

not my cup of cream

I didn't like the Brookfields from Bass.com either (they kinda looked like I had one giant white toenail) and I decided against ordering the other ones because of this:

Now, I love me some Project Runway and I liked Peach as a person just maybe not so much as a designer.  So when I saw that she had on what looked like the Casell, I decided then and there the shoe wasn't for me.  I was hoping for a substitute to the $300 Marc Jacob loafers but there is none.  There's something about the shape & the patent leather that are perfect, not too old lady-ish but still classic.  Sorry Peach, you're a peach and all but I don't think I'm ready to dress like you and so I'm going to go without my two-toned loafers for now.  Thanks for setting me straight though!  XOXO


Anonymous said...

"Sorry peach, you're a peach and all"...you're funny:)

Erin said...

Word. Peach was an anomaly and I don't have the balls to wear those shoes although they would be cute with jeans. How do we feel about Gretchen? I think I sort of hate her.

the girL said...

oh my god, Erin - Gretchen! I think I sort of hate her too! She's such a know it all, right!? Damn her for being a fairly decent designer though.