30 July 2010

vintage not old

Although life has thrown a few curve balls our way the past couple of weeks it's important not to dwell on those sorts of things for too long. I admit, I'm in a bit of a funk but you know what... even depressed, I'm happy.

It's great to be surrounded by fun and loving people. My friends and family show me almost every day how loved I am. And with that they bring a smile to my face throughout the day. Thank you guys!

So this weekend I vow to enjoy window shopping as much as actually purchasing goods I don't need, soak up the sun and bask in the warmth it brings, snuggle my puppy and not get too angry when he pees on the floor for the 749th time, imbibe on a cheap glass of wine paired nicely with a hot dog while engaging in wonderful conversation with good people and celebrate all that one more year has brought me.

A few of the fine things shared with me this week:
  • Family in town for a baseball tournament, staying at our house
  • A beautiful bouquet of brightly colored roses
  • About a dozen notes of love here and there
  • An edible arrangement so fragrant you can't help but nibble on it all day (along with your co-workers)
  • A yummy restaurant in my neighborhood called CaCao Mexicatessen (as Friend K says, "wild boar tacos, you're going down!")
  • A truly fine bottle of Jameson 18 Year Limited Reserve Irish Whiskey direct from Scotland (I know, I know - it's IRISH whiskey)
  • And these gorgeous things from John Fluevog:

(I didn't get a pair but looking at them is gift enough)

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Matilda said...

Love, love, love most of those shoes! I hope your birthdy is happy! Sending love across the ocean!