28 July 2010

donde esta Santi Claus

Our unseasonably cool weather has me thinking, make that wishing, Fall is just around the corner. That time of cozy, snuggle love. Boots and rain. Scarves and pumpkin spiced lattes. I love it. And once Fall has passed, WINTER. I adore Winter in all it's glorious coldness. I love walking through the chill to get home to the warmth. Makes me feel alive. The heat of the Summer just makes me want to lie in a slumber for days on end hoping that it will just go away. I try not to waste away my Summers like that but I just don't love the dog days of heat like I do a good blizzard. Call me crazy!

So when I was going through some photos for post inspiration I was drawn by a few random shots of our Christmas tree from last year. My Heart and I spent the holidays snuggled together in our new home. Thanksgiving was spent with a wonderful house full of family. But Christmas was just the two of us (and the furry kids of course!). It was quiet and sweet and perfect. As was our tree... just a small artificial one with a random assortment of collected ornaments.

Our little tree with lights reflected in the sliding glass doors.

Everyone got an ornament to represent them and by everyone I mean Matt, me, Mustard, Krunchy and Little Bear! Can you guess which ones are Matt and me???

To me, such a sight of beauty. I insisted that it stay up through most of January!

I particularly love this ornament. It says, "First Christmas In Our New Home"


nicknkaz said...

Michele...I am known to leave my tree up well past April!! Some may say out of laziness...but I like to squeeze every last drop of the love from the previous year out of that tree. Christmas is one of my favourite holidays and I love my collection of ornaments from over the years whether the kids made them, store bought or given to me. They all have their own story to tell! So thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. xox kaz

Matilda said...

Great tree! Keep it up the whole year long if you want!