13 May 2010

the future has past

There was a time when I knew I wanted to be in LA. I think I needed to be in LA. And so one day, shortly after graduating from college, I gave my 2 weeks notice and told my friends and family I would be leaving for LA at the end of that 2 weeks. And I did.

I moved here without a plan or a place to stay. Luckily I had 2 amazing friends that helped me out. One I met because I went to college with the other. Friend KC and I hung out a couple times when he came up to visit us, staying at the dorms with Friend MCRT (aka California Matt). California Matt and I had film and production classes together and his sweet nature drew me to him. I graduated before he did and left him behind in Colorado.

When I arrived in sunny California I was alone. But Friend KC was a phone call away and he let me and my cat stay with him for a couple of weeks. After those 2 weeks when I still didn't have a place of my own, California Matt's mom, Disney Nancy, let me stay on her couch. There I quickly bonded with California Melissa (Matt's younger sister), feeling her fill the void of my own little sisters a thousand miles away.

Ten years later I find that I've left that life behind me, sometimes wondering what happened to them all. Of course with the use of FB I've found Friend KC and today being his birthday, posted a greeting on his wall. That's were I saw California Melissa's name and a mention of her brother. The kindness all came flooding back to me...

So here in this random and convoluted way I'm trying to say thank you to those I've met and lost along the way. Your help has enabled me to get where I am today and for that I will be eternally grateful.

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Matilda said...

I love it when humans are kind to each other!