25 March 2008

sleeping dogs

I go home almost every day and walk the dog at lunch. Sometimes it's the simple things that are the best part of your day.
Today I not only went home at lunch, walked the dog and ate spaghetti but I also watched an episode of Gossip Girl.
I've also been randomly out searching the world of blogs and found this great one called Sarah's Fab Day in which I found a link to a piece of children's art that I loved. I bought a print of it on Etsy to put up in my office. It's called "Mom, this is the friend I told you about" and the description by the UK artist HidenSeek says, ...I met him in the forest...
My tea mug went missing in the office (I left it in the kitchen) only to find that one of the kind men that works here had washed it for me. He proceeded then to teach me to say, donde esta mi taza?
I have an alone meeting tonight.
Someone I am in constant contact with clears their throat too much.
The weather is really starting to warm up.
Sometimes it's the little things that really get to you.

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