03 March 2008

pulling together the truth

I don't know what to write about anymore.
Things are good. Not great but good.
I just finished a week filled with lots of work. It wasn't too bad and I'll be paid for my overtime which is nice.
Now I need to focus on getting back into the gym and eating on a healthy schedule again.
We're also going this weekend to see a financial planner in order to get our finances ready to buy our first home.
So things are good. My Heart said he's kind of bored and wished to do more in life.
I guess I feel that sentiment too but I'm more concerned with getting our current house cleaned and organized. I still haven't quite accomplished that goal to the best of my abilities. There's just so much to do. Ugh!
Sometimes do you feel like you really hit it off with people only to feel like you've been bamboozled? I do and it sucks. It also kind of pisses me off. Nothing I can do about it but live my own life and do the best I can.
I need to get a bank account closed. Reminds me to call my dad.
I finished reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. I loved it. I've just started In Cold Blood. I still haven't picked up the Biology book. I guess I'm not one for setting and reaching goals.
Sent my twin sisters birthday presents and got a nice thank you card from one of them. I should email her back.
I need to start carrying around this little silver book I have again so I can write things down when I think of them.
Now I'm just rambling.
Nothing better to do.
Am I boring you?

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