15 March 2011

together we can

There's this documentary out in select theaters right now called I AM.  I have seen it 4 times and wouldn't be opposed to seeing it again.  It's made me see things in a new light, actually, let's say a different light.

We are all connected.  We, the Earth, Mother Nature, Human Beings, Plants, Animals, We.  And we are meant to work as a community but more times than not, that is forgotten.  It's in the face of tragedy that we come together and again, we are one.  As now, the world is one with Japan.

Forget the economic impact.  Forget about what's in style right now.  Forget about your problems - just for one minute... and do something to help someone else out with theirs.  The inner joy that will come is undeniable.  Follow your heart and your brain will eventually catch up.

I work hard at my job to live a comfortable life.  But I am not comfortable in life and I do not want to be defined by my job.  So I signed up to be a tutor for a non-profit organization called School On Wheels.  The fear I have in doing this is over shadowed by the need that my student has in the face of adversity.  And my inner joy grows.

This is hopefully just a first, small step towards what my life will become.  Let's start this conversation so that we can build a community, because we all belong.  We are each one part of the whole.

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Matilda said...

Love your words... I hope I AM gets to Australia!