11 March 2011

letting some air out

You know those times when you have the best of intentions and then they kinda blow up in your face?
Yea, so that happened.

I try not to be demanding or to want for anything from others when it comes to my space.  I take what I have and try to make the best of it.  But sometimes that's hard to swallow because it's not you and you see others in spaces that are them.  So you ask but because you never usually ask you're not taken seriously or you're put on the back burner.

I'm recycling, reusing and redoing mostly on my own but now, some how it feels like I'm not - like I've become that pain in the ass I was trying to avoid being in the first place.

I don't wanna take it personally (even though I totally do).  I should have just asked straight forward for it in the first place.  Or should I have just avoided asking altogether and done it myself?  That's more my style, that's what I should have done...


salamandertoes said...

Funny how you can figure things out when you write them.

Anonymous said...

This sounds Like something that wiLL only be remedied by being direct now instead of regretting not being direct before.

You get what you want by asking for it.