13 April 2010

another day another $

I'm gonna post soon... I think. Got stuff piling up. Piling? That looks funny.

Still gotta show you guys our Christmas tree! That's how far behind I am in posting.

Then there was NYC.

And Vegas.

The Vertigo.

And now the foxtail.

Since there are no pictures to go along with The Vertigo I shall share...

It started in Vegas but apparently what they say isn't so true. It came home with me and stayed there for about a week. My world was spinning. My head hurt. My stomach, not so happy. Doctor said it was vertigo. Ugh. I'd never had it before. It was intense. Stayed home, laid down, didn't drive, barely ate, slept a lot. It's about 97% gone. Some things still make me a bit dizzy now when they wouldn't have before. But I'm back at work and driving my own car again. So all is well in the land of red.

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Matilda said...

Vertigo is SO not nice. Glad to know you are feeling better.